Children learn to grow in a fast and chaotic society, where human relationships and emotional life becomes unstable and subject to a thousand interference.
The child’s brain is a sponge: it absorbs everything, but being still without filter absorbs even the garbage.

Where will go the extra junk, that the understanding and the affection of parents and the world, fails to clean up?

Perhaps hyperactivity and inattention are the reaction to this excess of noise.
Perhaps it is too late to make lifestyle changes and often, no time and expensive treatments, deal parents to a medication.

Hyperactivity may be a form of genius?

With this show, written by Serena Bavo and FabioPalazzolo, with the collaboration of the Technical Committee Giù le mani dai Bambini, the will of Tékhné,  is to focus attention on a delicate subject: the abuse of psychotropic drugs in pediatric age.

How Inattention and Hyperactivity Disorder is really a disease? How the Pharmaceutical Companies influence the parent’s choice of care?

ARGENTO VIVO - At theater to talk about ADHD-
Serena Bavo and Fabio Palazzolo

With (in the course of the various replicas):
Serena Bavo, Ilario Cattaneo,Katiuscia Cristella, Sara Fiorillo, Olga Francone, Pierluigi Massoglia,Francesco Oberto Tarena, Fabio Palazzolo, NunzioValente  and the little  Manfedi.


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