Where the dream ends.
Where does reality.

Some dreams are so real that when you wake up, it is difficult to distinguish  it from reality.
Some dreams make us travel through space and time, bring us back to old memories, catapult us into scenario tha we haven’t seen yet.
Some dreams are manifested in the waking state to appear in visions.

What we live in a dream is just a reflection of experiences actually lived and reworked by
our mind, or the instant when it leaves our body, our soul reaches absolute levels of perception?

A contact.

A contact with the soul and the energies that surround us.
It ’just stop and listen.

DREAMS KO is a collaboration between three artists:  Serena Bavo(Actress and Artistic Director of Theatre Tékhné), Ale Bavo (sound deigner) and Fabio Maria Palazzolo (Photographer and theater director).