Tekhne Theatre, in collaboration with the District 7 of the Municipality of Turin, is previewing the study on the events of a long-forgotten historical fact: theDalmatian and Istrian exodus of the postwar Italian.
For the past few years has established the”Memorial Day” in commemoration of victims ofdrowning and “infoibamenti” in the Giuliani’s territories,but for too long not only the facts have beenforgotten, but then exploited and polluted.
Tekhne, with this first study, tries to tell the storyusing a key that shows the historical facts, through the feelings and memories of the protagonists of the time, emphasizing the violence and pain that war produces, from whatever side it comes, still toward the civilian population.

Dramatic readings and Serena Bavo
Live music Daniele De Luca
Directed by Fabio Palazzolo