-Do not Forget-

“You know what is my biggest fear? That when the last of us will dead, and it does not take
much now, young people will not remember because they live in a free Country. ”
From these few words of  Beppe, the partisan of Pradleves met in the summer of 2010, the idea of ​​the show [OMISSIS]-do not forget.

The phases of the liberation of Italy from Nazi occupation at the birth of our Constitution,
are told through the memories of Beppe and the many men and women who have shared with us their memories.
Beppe was little more than a boy of age and how many of his peers, decided to leave the secure family life and affection, to chase the dream to give future generations a free Italy.

The drama stands the feelings of the protagonists, who, thanks to the actors, videos and historical partisan songs played on stage, accompanied by the audience through the history of the birth of the Italian Republic

A Tékhné ‘ Theatre Production 2012
Drama SerenaBavo
Directed by Fabio Palazzolo

with :

Andreoni Thuline-Serena Bavo – Daniele De Luca-Elena Ruzza
Live music by Daniele De Luca

Soundtracks Ale Bavo
Video Fabio Palazzolo